Bravery: A 12-year-old hedgehog from the future. The future she came from is very dark, with executions happening everywhere at every time. Her brother Courage the Hedgehog is one of many. When she was Chaos Controlled to the present day of this comic, she discovered a passion for control and detentions, thus, Mobius Public/Boarding School was born. She recently discovered that Electro the Hedgehog is her brother. Her best friends are Tia the Shiny Flygon and Future Drizzle the Hedgehog. Her rival is Taro the Flygon, and her one and only enemy is Antoine de'Coolette. Bravery is a Mephiles fangirl and plans to marry him in the near future. Amy Rose the Hedgehog annoys her, and besides getting sued Amy is the only thing Bravery hates. She likes blowing things up, giving detentions, and playing poker. Her power is darkness, which made her a very good assasin. DESEACED

Courage: A 9-year-old hedgehog from the future, would be 12 if not for Antoine de'Coolette. He controlled light and his best friend, rival, and annoyance was his twin sister Bravery. He liked rising the sun 3 hours early and daydreaming. He was executed for trying to run away from his assasin life. DECEASED

Dredec: A mysterious robotic wolf from far in the future. He seems evil, and yes, he does have a somewhat cold heart. But he's not really that evil. His old plans were to take over the school, but he dropped the idea. He now seems to enjoy doing random stuff around the school. Also- where there's Dredec, there's weird, weird stuff. Some say he's wearing a full suit of armor, and on the inside he's a wolf or posssibly even an Eeveelution. These rumors are untrue.

Tallulah: A 14-year-old human girl from the future. Not much is known about her past, other than that her family was killed when she was 7 in a freak accident and the accident gave her mega-busters. She currently lives with Zain Rakan, Helena Rakan, Mephiles the Dark, and Sonic the Hedgehog. She likes small children and the color blue. She hates Antoine de'Coolette and seeing her friends get teased or hurt. She can see ghosts, and that is the reason she hates seeing the locket form of Electro (the spirit shows up a lot and, well, his death was via gd powers so he's a bit distorted).

Helena Rakan: A 6-year-old fox from the future. As with Tallulah, not much is known about her past other than the fact her mother died when she was a couple of months old. Her father is Zain Rakan, and even she is still figuring out her personality.

Zain Rakan: A fox who seems kinda crazy, and has a personality condition. in the future he is the father of Helena and seems to have lost his craziness for paranoia, only time will tell what caused this switch. has most sense of his little group in the future, but prone to overreacting as well. in the present he shows up from nowhere when needed and only thing really know about him is that he grew up on the streets, he gets real emotional when ever anyone mentions it.

Kieto: A red Espeon. The time she is from is unknown. She has an incredibly wide moveset, and unlike normal Espeon, she is a standalone; that is, she did not evolve from an Eevee. Rumors abound that she can use a superpowerful alternate form. We do not yet know if they are true or not. All we really know about her power is that it's high. WAY high. She defeated the Elephant Dragon...thing in one blow.

Drizzle:a girl with a hyperactive imagination.Not knowing,she is a child of a god.Making her the god of water.Even though she has these powers she chooses not to use them unless she mad because she can hardly control herself which causes her to lose control,maybe even killing those she loves.But even with all the stress she still manages to have lots of fun woth her friends,twin,and brother.

Melody: An 8-year-old hedgehog from the future, previously known as Bravery the Hedgehog. She is the daughter of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn. She still controls darkness, and still loves cake, but she appears to be a little less power-hungry and has a sadder and quieter personality. Melody has an astounding singing voice, even better than her sister Irina's. Currently, she's trying to get her childhood back by watching old Disney movies and getting raised by all her teachers, though Zain appears to have the biggest role in raising her.

Electro: Brother of Bravery and Courage, teacher of electronics, IT and robotics, in the future he attempts to end Antoine's reign over Mobius by kidnapping Antoine's daughter Bianca but failed and was killed on the spot by a younger Bravery who didn't know who he was, after he was killed he got turned into a locket containing his soul and in an attempt to regain his freedom he got the young Bianca to build him a robotic body he has control over all forms of electricity making it easy for him to control robots, when he was still young he was sent back in time for his own protection, Likes icecream, cookies, cake, mangoes, cake, video games and friends, dislikes Antoine, being a locket, Rota and some puzzle.

Mephiles: The one and only Mephiles,The Dark.He had fallen into a spell that traps him in a 12 year-old, Shadow form.He has recently planned to get to destroying the world,but forgot how to make Dark Magic. So he attends Mobius Public/Boarding School. His family dosen't exist and his brother,Chaos, has disappeared.

chaos nova tech: made by robotnik to stop sonic but he failed giving him life and fired him out of the death egg however he was given life by a time spirit and given life using the time stone's witch now life in him as a life source. he is learning how to control but......iv lost count on how meany paradox's hes made. he is stuck in this universe until he remembers how to time warp. chaos is cheerful friendly and loves making people happy but some times he gets....cocky and overconfident still he may be a 12 year old hedgehog but he packs quite a punch.he also says he doesn't want any love *i think its because he is a time traveler and he says leaving friends is bad enough*