In the future, Antoine de'Coolette has taken over and kidnapped the most powerful children in the land. Some parents with gifted children have gotten desperate enough to send their favorites back in time. A famous example is Electro the Hedgehog, who controls electricity and is the future son of Sonic the Hedgehog. Families never have enough money for a big house, most homes are only one room. Sometimes, families need to room in with one or two others, or may even abandon their children(as Sonic abandoned Bravery and Courage after his mysterious wife died when the children were only 5- they were fed by Drizzle and Speedy). In most complete households, the mother stayed behind with the children as the father is always on the move. Houses are surrounded by brick walls, and have no windows to prevent Antoine and his men from coming in and abducting the children. Bravery and Courage were abducted because Drizzle forgot to put the wall back up.

On the other hand, Dredec had just been made. It seems Antoine wanted him too, because he pursued Dredec across the lands and back. Dredec managed to get back to his creator's lab; and in a panic, he rushed into the time machine and immediately dialed the code number of the present day. He never returned to the bad future. All he knows is that they must- and I mean MUST- stop Antoine before he takes over and ruins the future.